Fractional Art Collective of Pol Medina Jr.

In this one-of-a-kind NFT collection …

Web3 and art innovation is at its core — with something called "fractionalized NFTs".

Led by the team of Ark of Dreams (AoD), together with Sir Pol Medina Jr. (PMJr, of the infamous Pugad Baboy comic series) and the entire PMJr and AoD community, this will be a beautiful experiment of revolutionizing the way people collect, use, and value art, powered by NFT technology.

It's a web3 experiment in "decentralized governance" of art collecting in a way that hasn't been done before, especially here in the Philippines.

And just by reading this right now, you have the opportunity to be an important participant of this experiment, and be a part of web3 and art innovation history.

What is Happening?

When the Ark of Dreams team approached Pol Medina Jr. to "immortalize" his physical art pieces into NFTs (digital assets with verifiable ownership in a web3 technology called "blockchain"), he was all in.

He knew that he wouldn't live forever. But by transforming his physical art pieces into NFTs, his art and legacy can be a part of history not just in the hearts and minds of his fans, but also in the generations to come — forever.

May forever sa blockchain!
— Pol Medina Jr.

With the many NFT art pieces coming out in the NFT space, we needed to do something different. The whole goal of transforming Sir Pol's art pieces into NFTs is to immortalize his legacy and help the royalties take care of his family.
— CEO and co-founder of Ark of Dreams, Chii the "Crypto Queen".

That's when the idea of fractionalized ownership was born.

Not only will fractionalization help share PMJr's art to more people than when they were sold to 1 owner for each art piece, it will help art collectors and fans have a piece of his legacy at a very accessible price point.

Fractionalized NFTs?

For his first NFT Collection, "Pol Medina Jr.'s Legacy Vault", 31 of his initial physical art pieces were transformed into a high-resolution digital image (details preserved) and are now part of the "Legacy Vault".

Fractions of each art piece are ERC-1155 tokens that will allow holders to be part of a collective governance over that specific art piece — each of which is an important part of PMJr's legacy, and the arts and culture history of the Philippines.

Before we go into more details into how this works, it is very important to emphasize that this is a huge experiment in web3. As we go along this journey, we will learn together, win together, and even fail together.

It is also important to note that upon embarking on this experiment, we are all going to be confused together, but at the same time, it will give us the chance to do something really beautiful and magical in the process.

We would love for you to be a part of this experiment with us — we will do everything together to see this experiment through.

What Does It Mean To Be a Fractional Owner of PMJr's NFT Art Pieces?

When you become a fractional owner of one (or more) of the art pieces in this collection, it means:

On the technical side of things, each fractional NFT that you own …

Why Go Through The Trouble of Fractionalization?

In the art collecting industry, professional art collectors would bid on important art pieces to the millions and billions of dollars. This means that only a handful of people have access to pieces of our arts and culture and how they're used (or even who holds them).

With fractionalization, we can get more people to become "professional art collectors" at a portion of the art piece's total value.

This is not a new concept in the art and NFT world, but a first-of-its-kind here in the Philippines (and maybe even in Southeast Asia).

Who knew you could be an NFT collector as a normal citizen a few years ago? Now you can even become a professional art collector (in the form of fractional NFTs), and get to be a part of shaping the arts and culture scene — in a decentralized and community-centric faction.

You get to support your favorite artists, you also get to reap the benefits in terms of royalties and voting rights to the future of that art, and you can get to name yourself as a professional art collector at the fraction of the price.

Pretty magical to go through all the "trouble", if you ask me.

What Are The Different Scenarios That I Can Vote On?

Here are just a few examples of what you can vote on and what decisions can be made to an art piece:

There's just unlimited possibilities - the only limit is your imagination.

By getting a Fractional NFT of PMJr:

LFG I'm In. Wen Fractions?

PMJr's art pieces will be dropped on a weekly basis (as of this writing) starting on March 21, 9:00 PM UTC+9.

This is to give everyone a chance to create a community for each art piece and have time to gain more funds for the next art pieces that will be dropped. PMJr got a lot of fans who like to collect his "books", and now his book covers in the form of NFTs.

We want to give everyone a chance to mint each of these art pieces and be an important participant in the immortalization of PMJr's legacy.

You can mint by being in the whitelist, which will be updated on a daily basis at 6PM UTC+8. So if you complete the easy requirements on the whitelist page and submit your details after 6PM UTC+8, expect to be able to mint on the next day.


Once you're a fractional NFT holder, come by our discord to join the community and be a part of this huge experiment on art, culture, and web3.

Welcome to the "Fractional Art Collective".

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